Horst Kuckherm Siebdruckfachhandelsgesellschaft

Stencil Service

Covering and Copies for Highest Standards

With the help of our large machinery und several pneumatic clamping and coating systems we are able to achieve highest standards.

We are offering coverings or complete silk screen printing stencils to you, coated, copied and developed.  These vary in size from small to large, according to your wishes and requirements.

Dependable Delivery

We possess our own vehicle fleet to guarantee a quick, reliable on-time delivery respectively collection. Haulage companies, courier services and shipping agencies enhance our delivery service.

Competent Advisory Services

The choice of the suitable frame size, screen fabrics and coating will be supported in word and deed.

Quality Assurance/ Supervision

Final Control of the Silk Screen Printing Stencils

All silk screen printing stencils are subjected to intermediate measurements and after completion subjected to a final control, in which the required parameters are metrological and visually measured and saved.

This procedure and the application of high quality measuring instruments ensure the high level of quality standard and the reproducibility of the silk screen printing stencils.

Quality Assurance System

  • The application of high quality subproducts well-known manufacturers like frames, screen fabrics and emulsions guarantees consistent high quality.
  • The use of well-matched chemicals and latest machinery within the manufacturing process gains best results to satisfy the highest quality requirements.
  • An internal quality assurance system based on homemade specialized software and several controlling stations during the manufacturing process ensures the reproducibility of a stencil for many years.
  • Our good reputation is established by our well-trained employees partly with longstanding expertise.