Horst Kuckherm Siebdruckfachhandelsgesellschaft

Since more than 40 years

We are producing silk screen printing stencils for industrial purpose.

Based on this time period we are able to use the gained experiences in innovation, tradition and quality to achieve the optimal performance for you. We do not misinterpret tradition like clinging to something old-fashioned but rather as the commitment to our experience and our philosophy – quality, on-time delivery and partnership. Our company provides this experience in form of sophisticated and adequate priced silk screen printing stencils for you.

Our well skilled and motivated employees guarantee the performance, power and reliability.
The large amount of our regular clientele confirms our corporate philosophy.

Everything from one source

Our product range refers to the concept to supply everything from one source, from digital data sets and silk screen printing films up to the ready to print silk screen printing stencil. This improves the workflow and avoids error sources during the manufacturing process to the greatest extend.

The application of efficient computer systems, software and most modern operating systems ensures the order fulfilment in a customized and technically correct manner.

We would be delighted to meet your requirements with the best solution.